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.Hack//SIGN 5: Uncovered

.Hack//SIGN 5: Uncovered
(Limited Edition)
$14.99 (US Dollars)

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Condition: NEW
UPC: 66918224591
Rating: PG-13
Format: DVD Region 1

Based on the popular Playstation 2 videogame .HACK//SIGN is the story of Tsukasa, a young man trapped in "The World", the most popular videogame ever. Played by millions online everyday, for Tsukasa "The World" is no longer a game, but his disturbing reality, from which he must now figure out how to escape. In these episodes, the 'sleeping girl' goes missing, prompting renewed interest in logging on to the game. Nearing the final battle, the players must now decide who will fight and who won't.

Includes CD Sountrack Container