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50 Cent - Shoot First

50 Cent
Shoot First
$6.49 (US Dollars)

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Condition: NEW
UPC: 692865116332
Rating: Not Rated
Format: DVD Region 1

Nine shots in May 2000 almost cost rapper 50 Cent his life and his recording deal. Cut free after his bad boy image became too rich for the recording company he was the angriest rapper on the streets and he went out of his way to look for trouble. Once a crack dealer on the mean streets of Jamaica and New York's Queens he talks the talk and walks the walk. A knife fight with Ja-Rule and Murder Inc left him with three stitches to add to his gun scars, but 50 Cent just keeps coming. His "Get Rich or Die Trying" album is a bullet.

50 Cent has let the world know that if he doesn't make it in music, he'll go back to the mean streets - but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. This unauthorized biography charts his climb to the top of the pile and the rapper scene today.