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$4.99 (US Dollars)

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Condition: NEW
UPC: 025192679025
Rating: R
Format: DVD Region 1

BULLFIGHTER is a genre-busting road movie combining elements of action, adventure, fantasy, horror, and Christian iconography. Olivier Martinez (UNFAITHFUL, BEFORE NIGHT FALLS) portrays an outlaw on the lam with his lover Mary (Michelle Forbes), a travelling DJ whose unborn child may be the New Messiah. The couple witness a series of miracles as they elude the demon-gangsters chasing them across the forlorn Texan and Mexican landscapes. Willem Dafoe plays a mystical warrior priest who helps the outlaw couple on their apocalyptic cross-country adventures. Features cameos by influential action-horror directors Robert Rodriguez (EL MARIACHI, DESPERADO) and Guillermo del Toro (MIMIC, CRONOS).