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Policy for International Orders

Transaction Limits

    Not all products are available for international purchase because of the destination country Import Laws and United States Export Laws.   Please review your countries restrictions at the bottom of the page.  Policies implemented by White Dragon Enterprises, Inc., US government agencies, PayPalTM, UPSTM, USPSTM, or eBayTM  may restrict products that otherwise be available for sale.  If we find that we cannot ship your purchase because of these restrictions, we will cancel your purchase and refund your money.  Any provision of these terms and conditions that is prohibited or unenforceable under the laws of the State of Florida shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or unenforceability, without impairing or invalidating the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.  All sales agreements shall be deemed made in, and shall be governed by, the laws of the State of Florida.  The venue for any disputes arising out of any sales agreement shall be, at White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. sole and exclusive option, Pinellas County, Florida or the courts with proper jurisdiction at buyer's location.  ALL SALES TRANSACTIONS EXCLUDE THE APPLICATION OF THE 1980 UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON CONTRACTS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SALE OF GOODS, IF OTHERWISE APPLICABLE.

     Buyer acknowledges, represents and warrants that they currently comply with, and at all times shall comply with, and shall not act to contravene, relevant laws, codes, and regulations applicable to the purchase and sale of products under these terms and conditions.  Buyer further acknowledges and agrees that the goods, software, and technology subject to these terms and conditions are subject to the export control laws and regulations of the United States, including, but not limited to, the Export Administration Regulations("EAR"), and sanctions regimes of the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Controls.  Buyer shall not, without prior U.S. government authorization, export, reexport, or transfer any goods, software, or technology subject to these terms and conditions, either directly or indirectly, to any country subject to a U.S. trade embargo or to any resident or national of any such country, or to any person or entity listed on the " Entity List" or " Denied Persons List" maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce or the list of "Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" maintained by the U.S. Department of Treasury.  In addition, any goods, software or technology subject to these terms and conditions may not be exported, re-exported, or transferred to an end-user engaged in activities related to weapons of mass destruction.  Such activities include, but are not necessarily limited to, activities related to:

  1. the design, development, production, or use of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, or nuclear weapons;
  2. the design, development, production, or use of missiles or support of missiles projects; and
  3. the design, development, production, or use of chemical or biological weapons.

Payment and Time to Process

     We only accept PayPalTM for payment for international orders.  All international orders require a minimum of five (5) business days to process after payment and before being transferred to the shipper.  Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.  The country of origin and destination governs what holidays are defined for purposes of shipping.  Notification of shipping shall NOT be given to the buyer.

Shipping Methods

     All international packages are shipped via USPSTM or UPSTM with Insurance.  Please keep in mind that UPSTM may charge you a fee at the time of delivery for customs clearance.  We reserve the right to ship the product at a different service level and/or carrier when circumstances do not allow delivery using the stated method.  This may also require additional charges be applied but the customer will be notified and be given the option to cancel the purchase and obtain a refund in such cases where there are additional costs. 

     In most cases, the time between shipper accepting the package from us and to the delivery at your customs house is ten (10) business days.  Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.  The country of origin and destination governs what holidays are defined for purposes of shipping.Tracking information shall not be released for twenty one (21) days starting on date payment has been received and only to determine the location of the package if not received by the buyer within the allotted time period.  Delivery is subject to the payment provisions set forth herein and to White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. receipt of all necessary information and documentation from buyer including all import certificates, exemption and/or resale certificates, licenses and other documents as may be required from buyer for export of the product.  Some products require additional time for processing due to size and weight.

     White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. shall not be liable for any shipment delays beyond the reasonable control of White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. including, but not limited to, natural disasters, acts of war; acts or omissions of buyer; fire, strike, riot, or governmental interference; unavailability or shortage of materials, labor, fuel or power through normal commercial channels at customary and reasonable rates; failure or destruction of plant or equipment arising from any cause whatsoever; or transport failures.

Shipping Discounts

     When possible, we will combine orders to reduce shipping costs.  Once we have validated and combined the appropriate orders, we will issue new invoice(s) for payment.  There may be circumstances that will not allow for this because of size or weight. 

Charges Related to Customs Clearance

     ALL custom duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), or any other charges or taxes within the country designated for delivery by the buyer are the responsibility of the buyer.  The destination country determines these costs and may add to the delivery time as well.  We recommend that you contact the destination government for more information.  The customs form shall contain a description and selling price of each product that was purchased.  Product(s) shall NOT be marked “Gift” or a value less than the value of the product on the customs form.


     In the event the sales invoice shall be placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agency for the purpose of collection, with or without litigation, or for the purpose of enforcing White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. security interest in the products, the buyer agrees to pay any and all costs associated with such placement, including, without limitation, attorney's fees and costs incurred prior to, during, or subsequent to trial, and including, without limitation, collection, bankruptcy, or other creditor's rights proceedings.


     If a sale is to occur, or the product is to be shipped, outside of the United States, buyer acknowledges and agrees that the amount due White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. is contracted in U.S. Dollars and that payment in U.S. Dollars is of the essence. Any payment by buyer in local currency or the receipt by White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. of local currency as a consequence of enforcement procedures against buyer will be deemed an authorization for White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. to use that local currency to purchase U.S. Dollars or, if such purchase is prohibited by local law, an authorization to purchase appropriate bonds or other instruments and export them from the buyer's country in order to convert the currency into U.S. Dollars and apply the proceeds to the payment of any amounts owed to White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. by buyer. Any deficiency as a result of conversion of payment into U.S. Dollars shall be the responsibility of buyer.

Returns and Exchanges

     All sales are final and nonreturnable with the exception of Damaged on Arrival (DOA).  The buyer has seven (7) days from acceptance of package for DOA to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.  Without an RMA number, the package cannot be returned.  The RMA number must be printed on the package in plain view. All contents of the package must be returned unopened to White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. address in the United States, if so required by White Dragon Enterprises, Inc., and buyer shall bear all applicable federal, state, municipal and other government taxes (such as sales, use and similar taxes) as well as import or customs duties, license fees and similar charges, however designated or levied, on any replacement product to be shipped by White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. to buyer.  Once the buyer has opened and/or used the product, no exchanges or refunds shall be given.

     Warranty issues are govern by the destination country product policy and addressed by contacting the manufacture directly. The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.  All returned packages should contain tracking information.  White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to modify or eliminate such policies at any time.  Although White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. policies may permit buyer to return products claimed to be defective under certain circumstances, White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the products.  White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE PRODUCTS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, NON-INFRINGEMENT OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, LOSS, COST OR EXPENSE FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY.

     The right to return defective Products, as previously described, shall constitute White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. sole liability and buyer's exclusive remedy in connection with any claim of any kind relating to the quality, condition or performance of any product, whether such claim is based upon principles of contract, warranty, negligence or other tort, breach of any statutory duty, principles of indemnity or contribution, the failure of any limited or exclusive remedy to achieve its essential purpose, or otherwise.

Limitation of Liability

     WHITE DRAGON ENTERPRISES, INC. shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special, consequential, incidental, PUNITIVE or exemplary damages arising out of or in any way connected with the agreement to sell Product to Buyer or the Product, including, but not limited to, damages for lost profits, loss of use, lost data or for any damages or sums paid by Buyer to third parties, even if White dragon enterprises, Inc. has been advised of THE possibility of such damages.  The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply whether any claim is based upon principles of contract, warranty, negligence or other tort, breach of any statutory duty, principles of indemnity or contribution, the failure of any limited or exclusive remedy to achieve its essential purpose, or otherwise.